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Audio Engineering & Sound Design Services


Audio is often overlooked in video production yet it is responsible for the emotion and realism of a project. Let us help your project sound the best it can with Sound Design, Dialog Replacement, Dynamic Processing or even Noise Reduction. We also offer services in Live Sound, Field Recording & Boom Operation, or even Multitrack Studio Production.

Sound Design & Audio Post-Production


The video you capture is only half the battle in a production. Audio plays a role of equal importance to makeing your visuals believable and your scenes portray the emotions you want to evoke in your audience. Our team of Audio Engineers have degrees from Full Sail University in the Recording Arts and are trained to make your project sound as good as it looks.. or better!

Field Recording


Not everything that needs to be recorded can happen in a Studio and we're prepared for that. We offer field recording services that include; boom operation, sound effects recording, live music recording, radio production, oral history, and more. 

Installation, Live Engineering, & Consulting


Over the years we have helped many non-profits, schools, and churches research, purchase, and install sound systems for personal amplification. We can help you design your system from start to finish. We'll also train your emplooyees on how to use and operate these sytems. 


Home Theater Installation


We also offer home theater installation services. We can install and wire your entire system so that it works the way you want it too. Surround Sound, Projectors, TV's no problem we'll help you get them all working together to ensure the best entertainment experience possible.

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