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Freelance Videography & Editing

Have a production company of your own but need an extra videographer for a gig? Know how to edit but would rather hire out the production phase of your project or visa versa? We'll work for you and better yet -- you get all the credit!


We've worked for companies such as: The BBC, The Guardian Unlimited, Nestle Purina Co., Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Collegiate Video, NL Photography, The Eagle Times, and other companies that we can't mention because they don't even know we produced their videos while working as a ghost company under a larger production house's name. 


We offer freelance services for:

Video Production, Editing, Audio Engineering, Mixing, Sound Design, Consulting/Training, Systems Installation, Photo Editing, Social Media Presence, Web Design, Graphics Design and more!


Equipment: Multiple ENG/Event Camcorders, EOS C100, Slider, Dolly, Crane/Jib, Wireless Audio, Variety of Microphones, Green Screen, Lighting, Easyrig, Final Cut X, Motion, Adobe Creative Suite and more!


Let me help you make your production a success!

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