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Video Production Rates

At McNaudio Media Solutions LLC we don’t believe in “package pricing” that limits production quality in order to fit into a specific price range. Our rates are simple; $600/Day when behind a camera and $50/hour* when behind a computer (editing, captioning, writing, etc...) We don’t charge extra for “animated text” and graphics we believe that if a commercial needs Motion Graphics that they should be part of the editing process and not a service that is billed separately. Our clients come to us because they know we work for them and they know they will get what they ask for. We can do cinematic ads, donut ads, lot ads, anything you want


Editing rates for projects where McNaudio Media Solutions was not involved with production and/or expedited project turn-arounds are $50/Hour -- inquire within for additional details

Event/News Production

We also offer Event Video Coverage, Freelance News Production, and many other forms of video production for organizations who don't have the market to keep a video department on staff. 

Don't See a Specific Service Here?

McNaudio Media Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all your media production needs! If you are looking for something that you don't see on our website contact us and we will help make your production goals a success! We often work as "ghosts" for other production companies and have an expansive network of media specialists including; animators, programers, sound designers, special effects artists, editors, journalists, graphic designers, photoraphers and more! We're looking forward to serving you and making your next production a success! 

Commercial Production

Commercial Production is still the standard for getting your message out to the public. Our clients come to us when they don’t want that “Local TV Ad Look” but need to stay within a small town budget. We work for you and NOT the advertising agency. Our priority is production quality and not ad sales, we will work with you from concept to distribution in order to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for out of your commercial.

Average Commercial: $1000

Corporate Montages

Corporate Montages are one of our favorite services. These videos are typically visual collages of your company’s process, products, or services in action. All montages are edited to a music bed that can be chosen from our royalty-free library or custom composed for your needs. Corporate Montages are a great way to generate video presence on the web telling a story without words.


Average Montage: $1,500

Training Videos & Informational Videos

Training and Informational videos are a great way to save time and money teaching your clients how to use your products and/or your employees how to perform daily tasks. User-manuals are static and often difficult to follow but the convenience of mobile media devices have made dynamic training media easy to access anytime anywhere. Don’t tell your clients how to use your products, let us show them.

Average Training Video: $1800

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